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Hello From The Armitage Authors Network


Hello and welcome to The Armitage Authors Network: An Archive of Writers Inspired by the Work of Richard Armitage. We are Trudy Brasure, author of the North & South inspired novels A Heart for Milton and In Consequence: A Retelling of North & South, and jazzbaby1, blogger at FunkyBlueDandelion. Over the summer we discovered that we have more in common than a love for Richard Armitage: we’re both huge fans of Nancy Klein’s N&S time-travel romance How Far the World Will Bend and were thrilled for her when she published it as an e-book on Amazon. We started chatting about other works written by fans that we love, and about the incredible creative energy that Mr. A inspires, and this site was born.

From the very beginning of the Armitage fandom there have been fledgling writers who tried their hands at writing fan fiction. A lot of those writers have made the leap to publication, some with traditional publishing houses and some as indie authors. We’re providing an index of these works, from the legacy fans who joined Armitage-related message boards and sites in the wake of North & South ten years ago to those who met Mr. Armitage through The Hobbit. We don’t just want you to just meet the works, we want you to meet the authors, too, so we’ll be also be interviewing writers. Kicking us off today is our interview with legacy fan Phillipa Ashley talking about her latest book, Third Time Lucky.

This fandom has an amazing creative heritage. We want to celebrate the talent of the writers we love and the encouragement they received from other well-wishers along the way. Speaking of well-wishers, if there’s a book you love we invite you to submit a reader review (you can find the details under the About tab) or if there’s an author that you think we should archive, please contact us and let us know. We’ll be posting every Saturday until it we get through the existing published catalog and we ask for your patience. In the meantime, look around, have fun, be inspired. Maybe we’ll feature you one day.

All the best,

Trudy and jazzbaby1