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A Very Merry Christmas – with Armitage Characters!

red sweater

The Armitage Author Network wishes you a peaceful and happy holiday season. And to help you settle into a chair and relax a little, we’ve collected a smattering of seasonal stories based on Armitage characters from Thorin to Harry Kennedy.

Above all, don’t miss Nat’s brilliant and now classic Armitage-ized rendition of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  (Link at the bottom)

John Thornton

A Milton Christmas by Angelfish69 (c19) — A short piece about the Thorntons’ first Christmas as newlyweds.

Seasons: Winter by ch215 (C19) — A short, poetic piece that envisions John and Margaret as happily married in   the winter time.

The Christmas Gift by Lillianschild — Another sweet vision of John and Margaret’s first Christmas.

New Year’s Resolution by Chocolateismydrug — A 13-chapter modern story of John Thornton and Margaret Hale’s rather difficult relationship

Harry Kennedy

When Father Christmas Met Geraldine  by Fedoralady60

A Christmas Gift  by Khandy

Lucas North

The Christmas Eve Shift  by KathrynRuthD


The Foe that is Mistletoe  by Heyerette (AO3)

Thorin Discovers Xmas  by Jaydee09 (C19)

For Laughs

Bilbo’s Christmas List  by Pattygee (C19)

How the Giz Stole Christmas by Nat