Gratiana Lovelace

Gratiana Lovelace has written incredibly romantic North & South fan works.

North & South: John Thronton, Love Lessons is available at Wattpad here.

North & South: Nurturing Love is serialized at Something About Love:

Prologue through Chapter Four here.

Chapters Five through Twelve here.

Chapters Thirteen through Eighteen here.

Chapters Nineteen through Twenty-Three here.

Chapters Twenty-Four through Twenty-Eight here.

Chapters Twenty-Nine through Thirty-Four here.

Chapters Thirty-Five through Thirty-Eight here.

Chapters Thirty-Nine through Forty-Three here.

Chapters Forty-Four through Fifty-One here.

Chapters Fifty-Two through Fifty-Four here.

Chapters Fifty-Five through Fifty-Eight here.

Chapters Fifty-Nine through Sixty-Seven here.

Chapters Sixty-Eight and Sixty-Nine here.

Chapters Seventy through Seventy-Three here.

Chapter Seventy-Four here.

Chapters Seventy-Five and Seventy-Six here.

Chapters Seventy-Seven through Seventy-Nine here.

Chapters Eighty through Eighty-Three here.

Chapter Eighty-Four here.

Chapters Eighty-Five and Eighty-Six here.



2 responses to “Gratiana Lovelace

  1. Bless your hearts for providing each of the “N&S: Nurturing Love” chapter links on my blog–where other essays are interspersed between. I hope to get this up on Wattpad eventually–since chapters are contiguous on Wattpad.
    Happily my more recent work, “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons”, was simultaneously posted on my blog and on Wattpad.
    Thanks & Cheers! Grati ;->

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  2. Thanks for letting us add you, Grati!

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