Visit Lyme Regis through “Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café” series.

Legacy Armitage fan Georgia Hill has recently released book two of a charming romantic series. She’s excited to share a little background on her latest series with fellow period drama lovers:

Huge thanks to The Armitage Authors Network for inviting me on again!

I’ve been busy writing a series of novellas. They’re about Millie and her battle to save her seaside café business. The newest one is the second in the Millie Vanilla set of novellas:
Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café Summer Loves. I loved writing these books as I really enjoyed creating the town of Berecombe and its inhabitants. It’s a completely fictional place but is loosely based on Lyme Regis, which is a little seaside town on the south coast of England, in Dorset.

Lyme Oct 029.JPG

I’m lucky enough to live near Lyme Regis and find it inspirational. It’s gorgeous and has been known to writers and painters for centuries. Jane Austen holidayed there and it’s where she set part of Persuasion (which features heavily in Summer Loves). John Fowles wrote about it in The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Painters Whistler and Turner visited.

Beatrix Potter and the poet Tennyson stayed there too. The museum has had David Attenborough and Tracy Chevalier as patrons. Tracy wrote about Mary Anning, Lyme’s famous fossil collector, in her book Remarkable Creatures – one of my all time favourite reads.

I’ve pinched bits of Lyme Regis to create Berecombe. It has a sea front, a steep main street lined with shops, a harbour at one end and a little theatre at the other. If you know Lyme, you’ll recognise the parts I’ve stolen! The main advantage of Berecombe being fictional, though, is I can add things if needs be.

Lyme Oct 030.JPG

I love writing about small communities and adore writing larger than life, eccentric characters. Biddy Treeby being one. I became very fond of Biddy and her deaf assistance poodle, Elvis. He’s based on a real assistance dog I used to know but Biddy is completely made up. I’ve got a horrible feeling I’ll channel Biddy when older! The other character I loved writing is Dora, Millie’s best friend. She’s so spiky but is a mess of insecurity on the inside – and I love how she and Mike spark each other off. You just know they love each
other like crazy but neither wants to admit it.

Summer Loves.jpg

I can’t say that Richard Armitage was inspiration for any of the men in the Millie Vanilla novellas but Summer Loves has a dark-haired, intense actor as its hero so maybe my
subconscious thought otherwise!

The third part in the series is Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café: Christmas Weddings and is out in September.

Happy summer reading, everyone!

Georgia x

Book one of the series:

Book one.jpg

Find Georgia Hill on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , or her website.

We’ve featured Georgia here at Armitage Authors before! Discover more about Georgia’s connection to Richard and some of her other works here.


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