Love Is In The Air: To Sir, With Love

I kind of came into this fandom sideways, through fan fiction. I’d seen the proposal scene from North & South but hadn’t watched the whole thing and while I knew who Richard Armitage was I didn’t really engage with the fandom at all until I read a Guy of Gisborne fan fiction at FanFiction.Net. Tall, dark, and broken is a trope that really appeals to me so I sought out more fic and then the source material, the BBC’s retelling of Robin Hood. The fic that I read that night and the author who wrote it are long gone but I’d like to thank that writer for pulling me in.

Guy isn't really sure if he's thankful or not.

Guy isn’t really sure if he’s thankful or not.

Guy of Gisborne is not an easy character to love but it’s certainly fun to try. The bad boy who might be redeemed by the love of a good woman is nearly irresistible and when he’s wearing leather? All bets are off, especially in the hands of these writers.

Grant What I Wish by Nancy Klein at Wattpad. Marian recovers and heads back to Nottingham.

Love Is A Wound by Hazel Osmond at Wattpad. Guy becomes enamored of a woman who is decidedly not Marian.

A Lady’s Nightly Vigil of Love, a Sir Guy Ficlet by Gratiana Lovelace at Wattpad.

Manna From Heaven by Zee’s Muse at An Archive Of Our Own. NSFW Time travel involved with this one. Zee recently started posting a companion piece, Aside From Heaven.

The Dragon of Throxenby by Melanie Goldmund at the author’s website. All knights have to face a dragon sometime, right?

Sloth Fiction by Fedoralady at Wattpad. Is Guy really dead? Not if the amount of junk food disappearing from Fedoralady’s pantry is any indication. Multiple characters but she loves Guy best.

Remember by lillianschild at Wattpad. Remember the time Nottingham was going to be burned to the ground? Guy does.

How The Sheriff’s Guard Got their Feathers by Whatcatydidnext at Dreamer Fiction. Very silly. 🙂

Wolf’s Head by corrielle at LiveJournal. Follows Guy’s story from when he takes over Locksley Manor.

Second Chances by Nyphette at An Archive Of Our Own. Alternative Universe where Meg survives. WIP, at fifty-eight chapters.

So what’s your favorite Guy of Gisborne fan fiction? Leave a link in the comments and don’t be shy about linking your own work. One piece of housekeeping: the winner of The Tempest and My Lady Gisborne by Charlotte Hawkins was Jennie Colleen Newbrand, congratulations!



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  1. Congratulations to Jennie!

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  2. Thanks for including one of my Sir Guy fics in your list above! Cheers! Grati ;->

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  3. First of all, thank you so much for recommending my ficlet “Remember”.It’s always a joy to write about Guy. Even though I’ve written a couple of John & Margaret one-shots and a few Lucas North multi-chapteredr fics, the Black Knight is the one that I keep coming back to over and over again.

    I won’t link any of my works here, In any case, they’re in my Wattpad profile if anyone’s hooked with my writing after reading the one you mentioned above.

    I’ve read and re-read so many Guy stories, and there are such great writers in our fandom that it’s really difficult to make a short list without overlooking some little jewels .

    Here’s my – pretty long- list. :

    Bookishy’s “Fallout”

    Guy/Marian. AU after 2×13. Guy and Marian deal with the aftermath of killing the Sheriff. ( A WIP but it’s beautifully written and so very spot-on. Wjat’s more, it ends with a resolution of sorts between the two leading characters so it is well-worth the read. even though we’ll probably won’t ever get the author’s thought ending. We can think of our own, after all.)

    “Absolution” by Dollsome

    The aftermath of “For England.” Guy pays Marian a late night visit.

    Lady_T_220’s “Persistence of Memory” G/M

    She exists to remind him of a hundred thousand things.
    Set at the end of S2. If you could change just one thing, how would things have worked out differently? What if The Sheriff had never taken Marian into the desert to die with Robin? What if she’d never been present for that final figh

    Calliope’s “Lost Somehow”

    The story begins right after s2e13 and deals with Marian coming to grips with the idea of being dead and not being able to leave Guy’s side.

    Herdivineshadow “And I’ll tell you when it’s over, I’ll tell you when you can leave”

    The wedding proceeds without incident. Guy and Marian are married. This is what happens after.

    01CHEERS’ “Ransom”

    For once, I abandon Guy and Meg, and pair the handsome anti-hero with Marian. What happens if she escapes with Allan in 2×12, and Guy becomes Sheriff for more than a day?

    Damaris’ “The Road to Redemption”

    Guy’s facing the noose on King Richard’s return but a lady offers her life in exchange for his.

    itchyfingers’ “Two Knights and a Pawn”

    (RH/The Tudors crossover) Politics is always a deadly game in the court of Henry VIII, but when the betrothed of an up-and-coming knight is also the Duke of Suffolk’s next conquest, the deaths may not all come by the executioner’s hand

    Jayarjay’s “Three Hearts”

    A Guy and Marian Fic set straight after the end of series 3. Guy survives the siege of Nottingham and sets on a journey to the Holy Land to keep a promise made to a dead man and seek and end to his grief but fate has something completely different in store for him.

    Jayarjay’s “Loyalty and Betrayal”

    Guy and Marian fic set just after series two, episode 11. A different spin on the ending of series two

    Jayarjay’s “Lost and Found”

    The story picks up at the end of series 2 after Guy has stabbed Marion and Robin and the gang have just left to head home to England.

    Jayarjay’s “Time Changes Everything”

    A much older Guy, now surving as a Master-at-Arms far from Nottingham. finds his life intertwined with Marian’s once again.

    JennyS’s “A Powder of Yarrow”

    (Guy + OC) R The main action of the fic is set between RH seasons 2 and 3, when a chance visit to Nottingham castle has consequences neither character is willing to face.

    Marianne aka theearth’s “Illusions”

    An AU S2 fic in which Guy sneaks into the stables and lets Marian go the night before the attempt on the King’s life.

    Moriko aka Experimental Madness’ “The Storyteller”

    Robin was always the hero, and Guy always the villain. While still grieving over the loss of Marian, both will find comfort from the most unlikely of women. One will find his purpose again, while the other may yet be able to redeem himself.

    Moriko aka Experimental Madness’ “Unseen”

    Rebecca Tanner had always been in love with her master, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Her feelings were hardly a secret; everyone knew. Everyone, that is, save for Guy.

    Moriko aka Experimental Madness’ “A Proper Gift”

    AU one-shot set after Series 2 in which Marian’s become Guy’s wife honouring the promise she made to him in Acre in exchange for Vasey’s death. It’s Guy’s dream finally come true, but nothing’s ever come easy for him, particularly when it comes to winning his Lady’s heart.

    Christmas arrives and with it the time to make a final decision.

    Redliverpool’s “Change of Heart ”

    Events during and after Episode 10 of Series 2 ‘Walkabout’ – AU obviously

    Redliverpool’s “The Taming of the Beast ”

    This an an AU version of Guy and Meg’s relationship, but with a different back story and ending

    Spikes Bint’s “Prisoners of Circumstance”

    “After the events of Episode 6 of season 2, Guy and Marian are trying to accept that things are changing between them. More heartache waits for Marian when they return to the castle, and Guy is confronted with memories of his past. AU of course!”

    LadyKate63, tangofiction’s “Travelers Returned” OR

    Everyone thinks Marian of Knighton died in the Holy Land-but she is alive, and headed back to England. Even Robin and the gang fight to stop Prince John’s designs on the throne, Marian returns to Nottingham to find herself embroiled in political intrigue, torn over her relationship with Robin, and forced to deal with someone she never expected back in her life: Guy of Gisborne.

    LadyKate1’s “The Lady of Nottingham”

    Things take a slightly different turn in the Season 2 finale. Guy of Gisborne is now the Sheriff of Nottingham and married to Marian — but does he get everything he wanted? A clue: Not quite. At least, definitely not the way he envisioned it.

    emn1936’s “Brilliant Disguise”

    She fought down the hysterical urge to laugh as she wildly wondered whether she could overcome the confused mix of feelings she had for Guy and sink the dagger into his chest in order to protect Richard.

    emn1936’s “A Place to Call Home”

    “I do not love you,” she cried in frustration. “Why do you want me?”
    The story deals with Marian’s learning to deal with the fact that her S1 marriage to Guy is actually legal.

    Khandy’s “Black Knight’s Deception”

    A rewrite of Series I Guy.

    Loredanag’s”Lost Souls”

    Set in Series 2 after Guy’s jilted at the altar. Guy’s given up on the idea of marrying for love and The Sheriff’s arranged a match for him intent on fattening his coffers..

    velocityGirl1980’s “Everything but the Girl ”

    Instead of handing Marian over to the earl of Winchester, as the Sheriff commanded, Guy does the right thing and helps her escape the Castle after creating a little diversion courtesy of the about to be hanged Alan A Dale. With no going back for any of them, what does the future hold? Guy/Marian; Alan/OC Set in series 2, episode 7 up to a point, then completely AU. (It’s got a sequel, still a WIP called “Running Up That Hill ”

    velocityGirl1980’s “A Fate Worse than Death” (RH/Spooks crossover)

    A life taken in violence is like a shout in the mountains, it leaves an echo. A life left unlived cannot pass on in peace , especially when a destiny is as important as Marian Knighton’s, Murdered by a man who would rather see her dead that we the one she truly loves, something somewhere blocks her passage to the dead, and she wales up somewhere far away.


  4. Apart from the fanfic listed above, I thoroughly recommend Prue batten’s Gisborne saga- Book of Pawns, Book of Knights and Book of Kings. It’s wonderfully written and carefully researched.

    n a story where status means power and survival depends on how the game is played, two people, one a squire wronged in life and one a noblewoman, are drawn together by lust and a lost inheritance in twelfth century England. Guy of Gisborne is a man with secrets, Ysabel of Moncrieff, a naïve and opinionated noblewoman whose world comes tumbling down upon the death of her mother.

    Gisborne is ordered to Aquitaine to escort the young woman home to attend to her grieving father and whilst travelling, she discovers Gisborne’s secrets are not just connected with his family but with the throne of England.

    And with revenge.


  5. By the way, sorry for the typos. My mind always works faster than my fingers and it’s past four o’clock in the morning. LOL


  6. Thanks for all these wonderful recommendations, reading material for weeks😃
    Though Guy of Gisborne is not my favourite RA character, in fanfiction he’s absolutely second to none due to all these talented ladies.

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  7. I’m very excited about this list of Guy related stories! It appears I might have won something too! Very exciting!

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  8. I just realized that when I commented above, I wasn’t logged in. Do you need any information from me as the winner of the drawing?

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  9. Thank you SO much for including me in this listing. Another side series that goes with Manna is going up as well. The Shepherd. Thank you again!

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