The Armitage Authors Network Interview With Charlotte Hawkins

Love is definitely in the air this February, and Trudy and I are working to bring you a month filled with romantic goodies. Yesterday we published our review of The Tempest and today we’re thrilled to introduce you to the author, Charlotte Hawkins. She talks to us about how she discovered Richard Armitage, why she’s revising her series, and the search for the perfect actor to voice her version of Guy of Gisborne.

Armitage Authors Network: Welcome to the Armitage Authors Network. Can you tell us a little about how you first became a fan of Richard Armitage?

Charlotte Hawkins: It was by accident. In early 2006, I was researching the BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre. At the time, the cast wasn’t announced, so I was trying to find out who would be playing Rochester. I was on different forums and websites and I kept hearing the name Richard Armitage. Everyone was talking about him – how he would be a perfect Rochester. They were all gushing about his role in the BBC’s North and South, which I had never heard of. So I went out and found the DVD, and the rest is history.


AAN: You’ve been revising your previously published Gisborne Saga, what made you decide to revise these books and what’s the process been like?

CH: I’m a perfectionist, and I’m always trying to improve my craft. The story started out as a simple fanfic, and I didn’t expect it to find much of an audience. But it took on a life of its own, eventually outgrowing the Gisborne fanfic audience that was around at the time. I self-published it mostly because I had requests for a paperback version, but I didn’t think anyone outside the fandom would be interested in it. Much to my surprise, people discovered it through word of mouth and for the most part, they loved it.

But there was a small group of readers who found it either distasteful or silly. Some even hated it completely. As a writer, I take all opinions into consideration, and I use them to better myself. As time has gone by, I’ve found ways to make the story and the characters richer – the writing better. But I don’t know if I’ll ever be completely satisfied with the results.

AAN: What is it about Guy that inspires you?

CH: Guy, especially as portrayed by Richard Armitage, was such a multi-layered character. Watching him, we could see all these emotions swirling underneath the surface, and it made the viewer curious about him. We wanted to know what made him tick – where he came from, how he came to be who he is, and what would happen to him in the future. He was definitely the most interesting character on the show.

AAN: Guy’s match in this series, Cassia, is a very strong-minded character in her own right. Was she fun to write?

CH: Oh, yes! I love writing about smart, strong women. I’m not a fan of the damsel-in-distress types.

Armitage Author Charlotte Hawkins

Armitage Author Charlotte Hawkins

AAN: Was this your first piece of fan fiction?

CH: No. I wrote several Jane Eyre fanfics before I became a total Guy fan. And I didn’t start writing Guy stories until the series was near its end.

AAN: What was your first published novel?

A novel called Finding Grace that I published in 2008. It’s a love story set in Chicago during the prohibition era of the 1920’s. It’s currently on my schedule for a rewrite, a re-title, and a republish.

AAN: Have you always wanted to write?

CH: I’ve always been a storyteller, but I haven’t always had a willing audience. When I was young, no one was interested in hearing my stories, so I started writing them down on paper as a form of self-expression. It turned into a life-long hobby.

AAN: How is the search for a voice actor going? Can you tell our readers a little about the auditioning process?

CH: I’ve only heard one audition so far, but I have some actors who are interested and will audition soon. The process is done by an Amazon company called ACX. Using an excerpt from the book, actors submit a recording to the website, and I listen to it. I then decided if I like it or not, and the process moves on from there. It’s a new process for me, so I’m learning as I go.

AAN: Any hints on what you’re working on next?

CH: I’m working on a fourth Gisborne novel. Fans of the series are eager to hear more, so I’m hoping to give them what they want. But because of my work schedule, it’s been a slow progression. Hopefully, I can get things moving more quickly in the near future.

Charlotte Hawkins is archived in the Guy of Gisborne menu. She blogs at From the Quill Tip . You can follow her on Twitter @LadyCharlotte79 or her Facebook page. Our review of The Tempest is here.



2 responses to “The Armitage Authors Network Interview With Charlotte Hawkins

  1. I adore Charlotte’s Guy stories. I am always in the midst of reading one of the again–either on my Kindle for PC, or on Wattpad. My favorite Guy tale of hers is “My Lady Gisborne” (I am Team Evie), followed closely by its predecessor, “The Tempest”.
    Though actually, I first found Charlotte’s Guy tales through “The Baron’s Lady” on her blog. Then while I was waiting for her to doan update, I realized that there were earlier books in the series on Wattpad–TT and MLG. So I read them to catch myself up.
    She writes relationships and period cultures very well. And the romance is so heartfelt! I particularly like that she writes the romance in context of the whole relationship–and though some passages are steamy, they are never salacious nor gratuitous. I appreciate that as a reader.
    And I would not have thought that Charlotte could improve upon perfection, but her enhancements to “The Tempest Revisted” blended seamlessly with the original and enriched our understanding of Cassia, and the fated nature of her relationship with Guy. She also made a significant change in one scene that better reflected the inner personal strength of one of the characters. But you will have to read it to find out which character. Ha!
    Finally, I am so looking forward to Charlotte’s continuation of Thea’s tale–that she currently has titled “Rebel Mine”–the other Gisborne sister, of Evie (MLG). Thea is feisty and no pushover–the bane ofher brother Owen’s existence–as every good sister should be. Ha! But this tale relates how Thea met and fell in love. The unfolding story is really delightful, especially because we see the early years of the characters, before they have matured–with some amusement there.
    Cheers! Grati (Team Charlotte)

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