I Need A Hero: John Porter Fic Recommendations

The first time I watched Strike Back I wasn’t really expecting to like it. While I like things like 24 and The Unit I’m kind of particular and I went into it expecting just a regular shoot-’em-up. Wow, was I wrong. I loved the way Richard Armitage developed John Porter into a hero I could truly root for as he struggled to reconnect with his family and who he could have been before the tragedy that cost him everything. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about later seasons), Porter didn’t survive the transition to American television but he thankfully lives on in fan works. Here are some of my favorites. As always, Dreamer Fiction requires membership to view fics while An Archive of Our Own and Wattpad don’t.


Recovery by Obscura4now, in which John Porter meets Original Female Character in a pub. Link will take you to An Archive of Our Own but it’s also at Dreamer Fiction here (The Longest Night) and here (Recovery).

Truce by fedoralady: Porter and Layla, very romantic and very NC-17 after about chapter 4. Archived at Dreamer Fiction, along with the ficlet Captive, inspired by the Strike Back viral video at YouTube here.

Laila by AmandaJane, a retelling of Rapunzel featuring a 12th Century John Porter, archived at Dreamer Fiction.

Complex Maneuvers by sahRAobsessed, an NC-17 John Porter fic also involving Layla and Dani, archived at Dreamer Fiction.

Absolution by khandy, in which John Porter rescues a British Aid worker  in South America. Archived at Dreamer Fiction and at Wattpad here.

Home for Christmas by ladyanne, who says that “a lot can happen in four and a half minutes.” Archived at Dreamer Fiction.

Very, Very Carefully by Melanie Goldmund. Something traumatic happens to John Porter during a rescue attempt. Archived at the author’s website.

Percussion by szerafina7, a John Porter/Reader story about an upcoming mission. Archived at AO3.

Lifeline by roane. Katie Dartmouth finds comfort with her rescuer. Archived at AO3.

Two Agents and A Para Walk Into A Firefight by a_xmasmurder. John Porter in a shootout in Afghanistan, with a couple of other familiar faces. Archived at Ao3.

Do you have any favorite John Porter fics that you don’t see here? You’re welcome to link them in the comments. Happy reading!





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  1. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Several of my favorite Porter fanfics are listed here, including an author who’d withdrawn her story from public view a few years ago. So glad to see that again! Are your favorites there? If not, go list them in the comments!

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  2. Thanks heaps for linking to Recovery! I seem some Porter fics here that I hadn’t seen before!!

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  3. Redliverpool’s “Gods of Fortune” (NC17); a very entertaining and well-written Strike Back-Spooks crossover with John Porter/Katie Dartmouth as the central pairing. It also features several well-known characters that Richard has played in his career, including Lucas North, Ian Ian McAlwaine (Ultimate Force) and Paul Andrews (Between the Sheets).

    Filling in the AU gaps in John and Katie’s lives that were not shown in the Strike Back series (with a healthy large dose of action from the series too). Essentially, this AU fic is Strike Back combined with some crucial 6′ 2″ element from Spooks and Ultimate Force.

    A word of warning: the fic is password protected due to the sensitive nature of a particular scene in the first chapters and a few flashbacks connected with the event,


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  4. An Easy Retirement


    Written for me as a giftfic from my best friend, as a balm for the pain of Porter’s untimely (and somewhat unbelievable) death.

    Summary: John finds himself captured – again – only a few hours after the firefight in which Collinson lost his life. Just when it looks as though it might be the end, however, help arrives… from a most unlikely source.

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  5. Reblogged this on Ancient Armitage and commented:
    It’s an honor to have Recovery listed among the works of so many great fanfic writers! If you love John Porter, you’re in for a treat!

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  6. You’ve listed some great stories. I’m honoured that you included mine. For those who don’t know, Dreamer Fiction is a private site for fiction about RA’s characters. You must be over 18 to become a member. If you want to join, please send an e-mail to admin@dreamerfiction.com, with your preferred user name and some way we can tell you are over 18.

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    • Of course I included yours. I read it with my hand over my heart and tears in my eyes.


    • I’ve sent a message to the email listed above, but have not had a response. I am rather new to the RA fandom and so besides telling them my age… Not sure if I’m doing enough to prove I’m over 18 (I’m 35). Do I just be patient? I emailed about 3 days ago. Thank you all!


  7. I’m delighted to see my favourite Porter fics in this compilation. I recently re-read Recovery, and it was as good as upon reading it the first time! I look forward to exploring some of the other recommendations. Thank you for highlighting these – great service!

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  8. There’s a fun little AU fic called “Chance Encounters” at AO3. What happens when a OC in mild distress meets JP in an airport?


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  9. I’ve just realised I forgot to link one of my favourite RA fics. It’s a masterful re-write of Spooks Series 9 written as a crossover with Strike Back.

    John Porter and MI6’S Section 20 collaborate with Beth Bailey and Tariq to discover what REALLY happened to Lucas North.



  10. Oh, I forgot to mention the actual title of the story! It’s Teraphne’s “The Phoenix Project”.


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