The Hobbit: Battle of the Thorin Oakenshield Feels

Richard Armitage at the Berlin premiere of TH:DOS in December 2013, pic used by permission of Guylty

Richard Armitage at the Berlin premiere of TH:DOS in December 2013, pic used by permission of Guylty

So have you seen The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies yet? I saw it last Sunday with my oldest daughter and we both loved it (Martin Freeman broke our hearts). The ending was what it was supposed to be, of course, but if you need an antidote to the feels (or different feels altogether) check out these fics.

Thorin and Thera — Jollytr (An Archive of Our Own)

This came from a prompt on Tumblr that went something like “I want to see Thorin Oakenshield care for a human child.” Jollytr is a prolific fic writer but this is one of her sweetest.

Home At Last — madame_faust (An Archive of Our Own)

A very young Thorin misses his father.

Return to the Blue Mountains — Cat Winchester (Wattpad)

Canon divergence. A bookish dwarf named Rori is called on to help her king.

Iron and Oak  — CarlyQ (Wattpad)

Another canon divergence. Richard Armitage said during the PopCorn Taxi Q&A that he worked with a head-canon that Thorin had lost his love during Smaug’s attack on Erebor. I like CarlyQ’s version of that, including the companion Iron and Oak – Short Stories for Rainy Days.

Okay, confession time: I am a total sucker for Crossover and Alternative Universe fic. The Hobbit Crossover archive at FanFiction.Net is huge but of particular interest to Armitage fans are these.

North & South Crossover — Poles Apart by kkolmakov (FanFiction.Net)

This story is part of a larger series called We Are Scattered Through Time and Space and is rated M.

Vicar of Dibley Crossover — What Dreams May Come by Jest’lyn Tal (FanFiction.Net)

A drabble of a dream.

So, what are you reading these days to battle the Thorin Oakenshield feels? Or are you working on a piece of your own? Leave a link in the comments with any recs. We’d like to give a special thank you to Guylty of Guylty Pleasures, who has graciously allowed us the use of one of her beautiful pictures taken at the Berlin premiere of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug above.


16 responses to “The Hobbit: Battle of the Thorin Oakenshield Feels

  1. There are some light hearted Thorin fics at C19 under a Middle Earth category. But my favorite is a beautifully written story of Thorin’s lost love. There are dashes of brilliant humor, but it’s mostly a bittersweet story. Highly recommended.

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    Some big Thorin feels …

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  3. It is wonderful to have a nice little reading list to frolic in during the holiday … and a way to distract from the results of BOFA 🙂 I love the way you bring stories and writers to our attention – helping us sift through the hundreds of thousands of stories on the various fan fics sites. Sending you great big squishy hugs and ginormous thanks 😀

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  4. Finally catching up with the AAN again (thanks for using my pic :-)) and am delighted to see so many suggestions for Thorin fics. I have been out of the loop a little bit.
    As regards crossover AUs – I have a little recommendation here, a fic that takes Thorin to Dragon Age, written by my RL friend hot-elf (possibly with a little bit of prompting by yours sincerely…)
    Thanks for putting all these recommendations together. I have a few of your posts to catch up on, too.

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  5. Just home from seeing BOTFA and badly needing some happy Thorin AU endings, so thank you!

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  6. If you want a lovely, super-long Hobbit/LOTR story and you don’t mind Bagginshield longings (or Gimli-Legolas) I would recommend Sansukh.
    The story begins when Thorin wakes up in the Halls of his Ancestors, and he and all the other dwarves in the afterlife watch over Gimli and the rest as middle-earth history moves them into the events of the Lord of the Rings.

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  7. Hope you don’t mind me promoting myself. For Thorin fic –
    Loving Gin – my head canon, that suits most canon, both book and movie –
    What Fili and Kili found
    The Way Things Should have been (rather AU and I won’t apologize)
    The Spoils of the Dwagon –

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  8. Here are a few more:

    AnastaziaDanielle’s “Gem of His Heart”: Thorin is reunited with the love of his youth who left him before the fall of Erebor. This is the sequel to “The Treasure of Dale” and begins at Fili’s and Sigrid’s wedding reception. This can also be read as a stand-alone fic. Thorin/OC

    Bazylia de Grean’s “The Tales of Ered Luin”: “This will be no legend, and no tales of heroics. But there will be battles, though maybe not ones you would expect, and there will be an exiled prince and an exiled princess, and many other elements a proper tale should have.” And then, reaching into her pocket and touching her fingers to a mithril bead hidden there, she began her tale.

    Kassandra85’s “A Broken Heart”: Thorin banned the woman he loved, a dark elf, from his heart and his kingdom before the Battle of the Five Armies. Heartbroken and pregnant, she returns home, her heart filled with hatred for the dwarf she once loved and his kin. During the war of the ring Thorin realises that his worst enemy is a woman he once rejected under the influence of gold. A woman with a broken heart.

    DJSparkles’ “The Oak and the Orcslayer”: Post-Hobbit AU. Thorin finds an unusual wanderer in the woods and after some time spent in her company, discovers that friendship is often found where you least expect it – and that it can turn to love without warning. Thorin/OFC.

    Arwenlune’s “Take my Hand and Leap”: Dain’s daughter was not present when last he went to the Iron Hills, and he has not seen her since she was hiding in her mother’s skirts. So when the match is proposed to him Thorin almost recoils in horror. Marriages to cement alliances are not unheard of, nor do dwarves find them distasteful if neither party is forced into it. But the girl is younger than his nephews – 70 perhaps, no older.


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  10. Thank you for including Iron and Oak in your list. I was wondering where all the new reads were coming from!

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