A Very Merry Christmas – with Armitage Characters!

red sweater

The Armitage Author Network wishes you a peaceful and happy holiday season. And to help you settle into a chair and relax a little, we’ve collected a smattering of seasonal stories based on Armitage characters from Thorin to Harry Kennedy.

Above all, don’t miss Nat’s brilliant and now classic Armitage-ized rendition of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  (Link at the bottom)

John Thornton

A Milton Christmas by Angelfish69 (c19) — A short piece about the Thorntons’ first Christmas as newlyweds.

Seasons: Winter by ch215 (C19) — A short, poetic piece that envisions John and Margaret as happily married in   the winter time.

The Christmas Gift by Lillianschild — Another sweet vision of John and Margaret’s first Christmas.

New Year’s Resolution by Chocolateismydrug — A 13-chapter modern story of John Thornton and Margaret Hale’s rather difficult relationship

Harry Kennedy

When Father Christmas Met Geraldine  by Fedoralady60

A Christmas Gift  by Khandy

Lucas North

The Christmas Eve Shift  by KathrynRuthD


The Foe that is Mistletoe  by Heyerette (AO3)

Thorin Discovers Xmas  by Jaydee09 (C19)

For Laughs

Bilbo’s Christmas List  by Pattygee (C19)

How the Giz Stole Christmas by Nat


2 responses to “A Very Merry Christmas – with Armitage Characters!

  1. Thank you so much for adding my John & Margaret ficlet “The Christmas Gift” to your suggestions.

    Here are a few of my favourite Guy (& Marian) Christmas fics by two of the most gifted Guy writers in the fandom- the first three are available only on Dreamerfiction and, therefore, you have to be a member to read them. However, it’s free and one of the best RA-character-inspired boards for fanfiction on the net, so I can’t thik of a better time of the year to join and enjoy a well of unique and quality writing.:

    “The Fawn” by Jayarjay: (Post Series 2 Guy one-shot) Heartbreaking at the very beginning and beautifully touching when Guy’s fortuitous encounter with a baby fawn puts hope in his heart and showers him with forgiveness, friendship and love from an unexpected source. A perfect holiday gift delivered in a brief but gorgeous package.


    “The Solitary Berry” by Jayarjay (Series 2 G/M one-shot): Guy plans the perfect Christmas feast at Locksley with Marian in mind.Gorgeous, fluffy and with a believable dose of angst as it befits our favourite knight.


    “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Jayarjay (twelve-chaptered G/M fic plus an epilogue set after he’s discovered she’s the Night Watchman) Guy shows to Marian there’s another side to him and little by little she discovers the truth she’s been too blind to see.


    “A Proper Gift” by Moriko aka Eternal Madness: AU one-shot set after Series 2 in which Marian’s become Guy’s wife honouring the promise she made to him in Acre in exchange for Vasey’s death. It’s Guy’s dream finally come true, but nothing’s ever come easy for him, particularly when it comes to winning his Lady’s heart.

    Christmas arrives and with it the time to make a final decision.


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